Step 4: Present - Share the findings

This step also benefits from being separated from the previous ones. Often one sees students getting carried away with making a beautiful presentation, but not having any meaningful content in it. 

If the information has been properly gathered, summarised and organised, that is a good basis for many different ways of using the information. It will be “in the students’ own words” rather than a cut-&-paste job. This should be an opportunity to let them exercise their creativity and find their voice.

Some possibilities:

  • Use an outline to write a well-crafted essay.
  • Create a presentation with well-summarised points to accompany a speech.
  • Use Flipgrid, Adobe Spark or Kapwing to create videos.
  • Create posters or infographics using Canva or Visme.
  • Use graphs and charts from a spreadsheet/pivot to summarise and draw conclusions from survey or experiment findings.
  • Create a blog or website to publish information.
  • Link up with other schools (eg via iEARN) to share ideas.


Some other ideas

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