5: Reference Sources

Students need to do research. But they need to do it properly, which means not merely cutting and pasting the first article they find. They need to use multiple sources, and then they need to acknowledge those sources. By using a plagiarism checker they also develop strong academic skills.

Academic Skill

Why this is important

Ed Tech skills


Academic work should never be mere cut & paste. Students need to read for meaning, summarise using a mindmap, then use the information with understanding. And then, they need to acknowledge their sources. In their text as well as in a bibliography.

Adding the URL of a Google search or even of an article at the end of a document is not enough. There are formats and conventions which need to be used that give the full details of a source, eg APA, MLA, Chicago.

EasyBib is an add-on for Google Docs which creates a properly detailed bibliography. You need to install it from the Chrome Webstore.

  • Click on Add-ons> EasyBib Bibliography Creator > Manage Bibliography.
  • Select “Website” 
  • Paste your URL and click search
  • When it has been found, click select
  • When you have done this for all sources, click Add Bibliography to Doc.
Plagiarism Check

Students do need to do research, but they need to learn to summarise effectively and combine information from various sources.

By checking for plagiarism themselves, they get into the habit of doing rigorous academic work. 

In Google Classroom, a teacher can enable Originality Checking when setting an assignment. This is available in Docs and Slides.

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