Step 1: Challenge - Launching a project

What is the 14th Habit of Mind? When was the last time you exercised this habit in a class?

To launch a project, it is important to create some kind of an excited “vibe”. There are many different ways of doing this. Creativity, fun and resourcefulness are called for! 

  • A well-chosen video clip
  • A guest speaker via Zoom or WhatsApp
  • Dressing up (you or the students)
  • Doing an activity outside of the classroom
  • Virtual field trips (and if you haven’t looked at please do; you will not regret it!); visit places using Google Maps (eg with an international treasure hunt).
  • Real-life scenario/case study to be solved
  • Interesting objects brought to class.

Let us work towards making schooling fun, memorable and invigorating. There is so much more to education than “covering the content”!

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