Adding Videos to Presentations

It's really easy to add a video to a presentation, whether you are using Slides or Powerpoint. Follow the steps.


In Google Slides:

  • Find the clip you want to use on YouTube.
  • Select the URL (web address) and copy it.
  • On the slide where you want the video, click on: Insert > Video
  • Paste the URL of the video into the search box and click the “search” icon.
  • Once the clip is found, click to select it, then click on Insert.
  • Resize the video placeholder as you would a photo (ie from the corner).

In PowerPoint:

If you can present while online, the process is very similar to Google Slides.

  • Copy the YouTube URL.
  • In PowerPoint, click on Insert > Video > Online Video.
  • Paste the URL and search for it. Select it once it is found.

If you will not be able to present while online, you will need to download the video first, and then click on Insert > Video > Video on my PC. Browse for the video in the same way you would for a photo.

To Download a video:

  • copy the URL of the page where the video is located, then go to: 
  • Paste the URL in the space provided, and click “Download”. You will see some options lower down the page. Choose the best format (max 720p); avoid clicking the “Pro” button.


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