Everybody Writes

This technique is all about promoting engagement. Writing Is important as it provides a way for students to reflect and prepare their thoughts in a deeper and more rigorous manner. If you then Cold Call, the response will be properly thought out. Or you might choose to view students’ writing over their shoulders as they write while you circulate.


Google Classroom: Questions

When you create a question in GC, it is a great way to get a response from the whole class, in writing. The beauty of the GC question is that each student can not see anyone else’s response until they have submitted an answer. Then they are able to see other responses, and comment (if you choose to enable that option). In no time at all, you can have everybody writing and thinking, debating and engaging. This is great for quick Do Nows or Exit Tickets, but can also be used for more in-depth questions. You can even assign a mark to a response.

Preventing Plagiarism

If you are working in Google Classroom, it is possible to view, make suggestions and comment on student work while they are busy.

But, when using technology to assist the writing process, there is a big temptation for students to plagiarise. It is possible to make an originality check available when you set an assignment in Google Classroom. Or students can submit their work to: https://www.paperrater.com/plagiarism_checker and add a copy of the report to work which they hand in. It also includes grammar checking.

As a teacher, you can use either if you are suspicious of an assignment submitted to you.

We should also be insisting on a bibliography, easily generated using the EasyBib Add-on in Docs.

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