Data Analysis - Box & Whisker

A Box and Whisker chart can be a useful way to represent a set of marks.

The box represents the range covered by the middle half of the marks (quartile 2 and 3). The whiskers represent quartiles 1 and 4 (the bottom and top quarters). At a glance you can see the range, as well as where most marks are.

Here’s how to create such a graph in Google Sheets.

  1. Have your set of marks in column A with a heading. In this example the marks go from A2 to A44.
  2. In B1 have the formula: =min(A2:A44)
  3. C1: =quartile(A2:A44,1)
  4. D1: =quartile(A2:A44,3)
  5. E1: =max(A2:A44)
  6. Click on cell A1, then go to Insert Chart and under Chart Type choose Candlestick Chart.

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