3 Key Study Skills

Here are 3 key study skills to share with students as they approach exams.

  • Interleaving is a key study technique: work on different topics in shorter blocks rather than one topic for a long block of time; instead of AAA BBB CCC do ABC ABC ABC. 
  • It links well together with Spaced Practice: the idea is to keep returning to a topic over time; do not assume that you have “done” a topic, keep practising it.
  • A third important technique is Retrieval Practice: it is not enough to just read over notes or even write out notes. It is important to challenge yourself to retrieve the information without any help from notes or the textbook. Make notes, but do it from memory, using mindmaps or other visual ways of representing the information. Combining this with the previous 2 methods is a very simple but powerful approach to studying.

NB: All of this studying only makes sense if you first understand the material. It is not possible to learn something you don’t understand! Show your understanding by drawing a diagram or making a mindmap. A block of text is impossible to learn.

Tech Connection: use your calendar to set up a study timetable which allows for spacing and interleaving; set reminders and make a to do list.


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