Useful Tools for Innovation across the Curriculum

This workshop is an exploration of some current academic/thinking/fun/visual tools, many online and Web 2.0 based. The aim is to explore how to apply these in the classroom.


1: Back to Basics

Academic Rigour


2: Creating Learning Experiences

What are we trying to do, really? Creating learning experiences

The Project Process: Challenge - Gather - Process - Present

project process

Gathering Information

Don’t do Google

Do Google differently


Exporting mindmap to outline 

  • Word 
  • PowerPoint

Gathering Information Collaboratively

  • Windows Live
  • One Note, Excel Word and PowerPoint in Windows Live

Gathering/Organising Chronologically


Crunching Data

Presenting Information

Visualising Data

Cell Phones

  • Soon 80% of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from a mobile device. 
  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt says that for every baby born, 30 Android phones are activated.
  • Gartner Research projects Internet-capable mobile devices will outnumber PCs by 2013.
  • In Japan, over 75% of Internet users already use a mobile as their first choice for access.
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