Using Google Classroom Material

When you click the Create button on the Classwork page, you have many options. This tip focuses on Material.

How it works

You click Add, then choose to add material from various sources (you can add more than 1):

  • Google Drive (any document, spreadsheet or slide presentation);
  • A link to a website;
  • You can upload a file (a PDF, Word document, Powerpoint or any file);
  • A link to a YouTube video.
  • When you are done, click Post.
  • You can assign it to other classes at the same time (Top right: For then click on the class and tick more).
  • You can assign it to specific students. (Top right: Then click on All Students and tick those you want to receive the material).
  • You can schedule the material to become available at a particular time instead of posting.

Some ideas for using it

  • This is a basic way to distribute notes and other materials for students to use; it should not make up the totality of a course which needs additional, more interactive elements.
  • It should be material which the students can use online; it is unfair to upload a multi-page document and expect students to print it.
  • It should not be material which you require them to work with or fill in - eg a worksheet. For that you need to create a template and make it available as an Assignment.

A useful tip:

  • Upload your lesson materials and Save as a draft instead of posting. That way your teacher materials are in a place where you will find them easily, but the students will not see them.

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