Google Classroom Assignments: The Value of Templates

When you click the Create button on the Classwork page, you have many options. This article focuses on Assignments, and specifically the value of creating assignments that function as templates.

How it works

This is basically a space where students can hand in work. They can submit any kind of file. 

  • Once you have created the assignment, the students hand in their work by clicking View Assignment, then adding their file (if necessary), and clicking Hand in.

This process works best if you provide a template or worksheet.

The Value of Templates

A template is useful as a way of guiding or scaffolding students to complete a task in the best way possible. It should make the task more approachable. Not too easy or too hard. You can differentiate tasks for the class by assigning different templates to different students.

  • Create a document that the students need to work on - this could be any, but it would usually be a Doc or Slides presentation. A Mindmup mindmap also works well.
  • You click Add and add the document you created.
  • Make sure you choose Make a copy for each student.
  • Add a title and instructions.
  • When you are done, click Post.
  • You can assign it to other classes at the same time (Top right: For then click on the class and tick more).
  • You can assign it to specific students. (Top right: Then click on All Students and tick those you want to receive the material).
  • You can schedule the assignment to become available at a particular time instead of posting.

Some ideas for using it

  • A useful variation is to Add a file, then choose Students can edit the file. This will give the whole class simultaneous editing rights which is great for whole-class collaboration, eg a slide presentation where each student contributes a slide or two.
  • You could also create small group collaboration by creating an assignment for each group, adding a different file for each group, and then assigning it only to those students in the relevant groups.
  • For collaborative groupwork, you can assign the template only to group leaders, who then share the doc with their group members.


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