Threshold Concepts

What is the ONE concept in your subject that students really need to know? Do you teach this concept? How? When? Do you continually link other ideas to this one? We can get stuck in delivering a whole lot of content which, to students, all seems to be of the same importance, and so they end up being confused, bored and swamped with too much information. 

Anyway, there is now too much information in the world for us to be able to teach content. Instead, we need to be teaching the concepts that make understanding possible. It is possible to find out just about anything online - but is it true, relevant and useful?

So it is better to teach threshold concepts, and allow students to make sense of their learning by exploring these ideas.

More info:

Rowe, and Nicholas. “Threshold Concept Theory and Nonformal Education: Community-Based Arts Learning in Palestine.” Journal for the Study of Religion, Journal for the Study of Religion,

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