Values: Self-Discipline & Time Management

We need to help our students to develop self-discipline. Obviously, this is something they have to do, but we can help. Time management is a key tool in building self-discipline.

Self-discipline is “the ability to make yourself do things you know you should do even when you do not want to” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

  • Set realistic deadlines for big tasks and projects;
  • Break down big tasks into sub-tasks, with sub-deadlines and check-ins.
  • Give good advance warning for tests.
  • Promote the use of To Do lists, with actionable first steps.
  • Encourage them to plan for down time.

Dealing with Social Media

Social Media are a major waste of time due to their addictive nature. So students should:

  • Recognise that social media is an addictive distraction if not managed;
  • Use time on social media as a fun reward for having completed tasks and duties.

Tech Tips

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