Use a Variety of teaching methods

Students do not have a fixed, specific learning style. Research has shown that this is a myth. But that doesn't mean we should not make use of different styles within and between topics. 

  • try to approach a topic in a variety of ways
  • vary the ways you teach different topics
  • allow students to choose different ways they can show their understanding

In all of this, emphasise that the variety is all about finding strategies that work for the students and build their (and your!) flexibility. Also, allow them to view all learning activities as part of a process. They are not expected to be perfect or excellent straight away. An important aspect of Growth Mindset is the ability to develop a strategic approach to challenges.

Step back a bit, and consider the possibility that you have been "brainwashed" to some extent into the received wisdom of how to teach particular topics. Consider other approaches. Visit classrooms of teachers of other subjects. etc. Build your GM in this area!


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