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Design a Building using Sketchup

As a designer, you have been asked to come up with a concept for a new building. The idea of the building is to provide a new home for Vula, the school's outreach programme. The following are the requirements:

  • Reception area, including small office
  • 6 Offices
  • A Resource Centre/Library
  • Small kitchen
  • Tea room/Chill area
  • 3 seminar rooms (set 15-20 people)
  • 1 computer lab (20 computers)
  • 1 computer workshop (accommodate 3 technicians and equipment)
  • Garage for 3 vehicles
  • Parking area for 20 vehicles

You will need to site the building in one of two places:

  1. Near the main school gates
  2. Built on the side of the Memorial Hall, mirroring the Centre for Innovation (the Drama dept may need to be relocated!)

Use one of the Sketchup files provided as a starting point to make your building. When you have finished, send the design to Google Earth.

Use exported graphics from Sketchup and Google Earth to create a document which shows how you have met the design requirenments, and which outlines the benefits and special features of your design.

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Key Places in Ancient Greece

Assignment Instructions

For each of the following places:

  • find it in Google Earth and add a placemark
  • in your placemark, explain why the place is famous in Ancient Greek history
  • describe what it looks like today
  • add a picture

When you have completed this, save all your places as a jpg graphic that shows all your placemarks.

And finally save your places as one kmz file.

The places:

  • Mycenae
  • Troy [Turkey]
  • Mount Olympus
  • Olympia
  • Acropolis [Athens]
  • Delphi
  • Epidaros/Epidaurus
  • Delos
  • Pergamon

How to save your places as a jpg graphic

  • Zoom to a level where you can see all your relevant placemarks
  • File - Save - Save Image

How to add a picture

  • Add the URL of your photo to your description like this:


NB: the picture has to be on the web already; the best way to get the URL is to right click the picture you want to use and choose copy picture URL.

How to save your places as a kmz file

  • Create a new folder: right click My Places - Add - Folder
  • Drag all relevant placemarks into the folder
  • click on the folder: Save Place as...
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