Using Google Earth and Google Maps

Google Earth and Google Maps are extremely powerful tools for visualising spatial data. Both have many uses in education, in a wide variety of settings. This workshop introduces some of the key features, and explores some of those applications in the classroom.

Useful Tools for Innovation across the Curriculum

This workshop is an exploration of some current academic/thinking/fun/visual tools, many online and Web 2.0 based. The aim is to explore how to apply these in the classroom.

Ideas for using ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning

When it comes to enhancing your lessons and making them into learning experiences, there are many options. So, what do you want to do? What follows is a decision-making process which presents options and suggestions. The general move is from more teacher-centered activities at the beginning, through to more learner-centered ones at the end.

Visual Learning and Web 2.0

In a web 2.0 world, individuality is celebrated, and education can be tailored. This workshop explores the variety of ways various tools can be used to promote thinking, particularly for those who are more engaged by a visual learning experience.

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