Peter de Lisle

Instruction by Design


I am going to talk about how Dad changed through the years. And to give you a little picture that may give you some idea of how he was as a younger man, I will describe our annual trek for the xmas holidays to Cape Town from Johannesburg when we were children.

So many of us are gathered here today for the funeral of Michael - for you a friend, teacher, collague, priest - for me, my father.It is a great joy to see you all, and to feel your love and respect for Dad. We have been strengthened by you thoughts and prayers towards us - thank you.

It is miraculous that my father ever managed to reach the age of 90. There were so many times when it could have been the end. And while this reflection is mainly about him, I would like at this stage to pay tribute to two beautiful, strong women without whose unshakeable faith and committed dedication all this would have been impossible: my grandmother Dorothy, and my mother. Thank you for everything. So, back to my father.

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